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Impact Instruments was established in 2004 as an importer, agent and or distributor for several leading, international brands. Our territory covers South Africa and surrounding SADC countries, where agreements permit. With more than thirty years combined industry experience, we provide technical solutions and believe in not only selling equipment but ensuring that users are product and application trained. We guarantee high quality products and an outstanding level of service at all times. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

Measuring Exhaust Gases From Forklift Engines

Many forklift trucks have internal combustion engines that burn propane, natural gas, diesel, or other fossil fuels. A portable combustion gas and emissions analyzer can be used to optimize combustion efficiency and maximize fuel savings, identify and quantify sources that can adversely affect safety and comfort in the work environment, and measure and reduce harmful emissions in the forklift exhuast gas.


A portable gas analyzer serves as a diagnostic and maintenance tool to quantify how efficiently each forklift engine is running by measuring parameters such as oxygen (for air to fuel ratio) and carbon monoxide. Greater combustion efficiency will result in cleaner combustion, lower fuel consumption, less equipment maintenance, and optimized overall forklift performance while reducing operating costs.

Safety & Comfort

Significant levels of carbon monoxide in ambient air can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even death in extreme cases. NOx, especially NO2, can cause respiratory discomfort and problems in addition to creating excess ozone and acid rain. Unburned combustible hydrocarbons can be a safety hazard especially in higher levels that can be ignited. These harmful gases can be monitored in the forklift exhaust gas with a portable emissions analyzer. Lowering emissions and thus improving the ambient air quality will increase the comfort and safety of forklift operators as well as everyone else in the aggregate work environment.

            Photo: Container ship with diesel engines                            F900 Forklift and Small Engine Exhause Gas Analyser

Emissions Monitoring

Burning fossil fuels in a forklift engine produces combustion by-product gases such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and unburned combustible hydrocarbons that can be environmental and personal health hazards. Measuring forklift exhaust gases allows for accurate emissions monitoring for regulatory compliance and to quantify the forklift’s carbon footprint.

The F900 is a new hand-held exhaust gas analyzer designed for safety testing, engine tuning, and emissions compliance testing for forklifts and other small engine vehicles.

For a bigger range of gas emission measurement, see our E 4500, that can be chosen with up to for gases, from the following list : 
O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and CxHy

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