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Impact Instruments supplying mining, utilities, manufacturing, food, petrochemical, steel, transformer and paper industries.Impact Instruments supplying occupational hygienists, health and safety, logistics and pharmaceutical industry

Surface Prep / Finishing


Wall Thickness

PosiTector UTGTelescopic probe extender


Coating thickness 

PosiTest DFT

PosiTector 6000

PosiTector 200

PosiTest PC

Surface Profile 

PosiTector SPG

PosiTector RTR



Surface roughness



DPM ad

PosiTector DPM

PosiTector IRT


Salt Contamination 

PosiTector SST


Adhesion Testing

PosiTector AT



PosiTector BHI

PosiTector SHD

Concrete compressive strength



Concrete Moisture

In situ


Pinhole Detection

PosiTest LPD


Inspection Kits

PosiTector Inspection Kits 

Impact & Event Recording


Shockwatch labels

Shock Labels for registering shock to goods in transit

                                                                                                                                         Power transformer 2298

                                                                                                                                     Shockwatch logoSpotSee Logo


SpotBot Cellular

SpotBot BLE

G View - Shock and temp.

ShockLog 208- Shock and temp.

ShockLog 248- Shock and temp.

ShockLog 298- Shock and temp.

Monilog Shock Display Curve easily records shocks to solar panels turbines generators transformers etc

                                                                                                                                         SMT Elektronik

MoniLog Micro Shock Detector - Shock and temp.

MoniLog Endal Smart - Shock, temp.tilt,RH, barometric pressure and GPS

MoniLog Shock Display Curve - Shock, tilt, temp.

MoniLog Shock Display Curve Plus  

MoniLog Data Link - Live Monitoring

MoniLog Offshore Alarm System

MoniLog Photon - LUX, temp, RH 

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