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Water Leak Detectors

Locate Water Leaks Underground And In Walls 

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Water Leak Detector   

Success AT 407N AT 407 1 new

Advanced, adjustable, acoustic water leak detector for metal and non-metal underground pipes lying under paved and unpaved surfaces. Highly sensitive ground microphone ensures detection of leakage noise at depths up to 3 meters in pipes with pressure starting from 2 bar.


  • AT-407N saves you money and time
  • Effective leak detection in underground and wall pipes
  • Acoustic leakage noise level measurement
  • Easy to understand indication
  • Filtering of the noise for easy location

Functions :
at 407n 3

  • Water leak detection from plastic or metal underground pipelines up to 3 m depth with pressure starting from 2 bar.
  • Water leak detection inside walls.

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"Live and Dead" Cable, Non Metal and Metal Pipe Locator With Water Leak Function

Success TPT 522tpt 522n 1 2020

Functions :

  • Water leak detection up to 6m on metal, asbestos or plastic buried pipes under tar or concrete.
  • Water leaks in walls.
  • Locate non-metal pipes up to 150m from the transmitter connection (access to pipe for clamping the impact device around, somewhere, is essential)
  • Detection of energised cables up to 6m deep.
  • Ground surveying by means of   the “broadband” mode.
  • Up to 3km tracing range, from point of transmitter connection.
  • Indirect depth measurement.

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