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Continuous Emission Monitoring System 

Fixed flue gas, emision analysis for use in industrial, moisture, dust and chemical laden gas samples, with sample conditioning, drying and filtration. Modular construction with many add-ons available, allow for individual model configuration according to requirements.


  • A Wide range of electrochemical, NDIR, Thermal conductive, PID to choose from, with different ranges and accuracies to choose from.
  • Up to 8 sensors in an extreme, unique configuration.
  • Large display with backlight, 4 lines x 20 charactersDifferent gas dryers to suit requirements.
  • Compact, Split and Twin split configurations.
  • Data-logger with SD card for data collection.
  • Analogue outputs (both current and voltage) to control external devices.
  • Digital and analogue inputs to pass signals from external devices, to trigger maMoS actions.
  • Communication with PC via different interfaces (USB, LAN, RS485 and MODBUS).
  • Different work modes to select from (continuous measurements, work with scheduler, measurements triggered with digital input, “work in-turns” - allows multiple locations to be monitored).
  • Powerful PC program 
  • Many add-ons and accessories.
  • Heated hoses. Standard lengths: 3m, 5m and 8m for 115VAC and 230VAC supply. Other hoses upon request.

Compact configuration

Mamos Compact VS Split Configuration

Compact configuration - analyser with gas dryer on a common mounting plate, all installed near the measurement point.

Split configuration


Mamos Split Configuration

Split configuration - analyser and gas dryer are installed on separate mounting plates, each equipped with its own power supply module. 

Gas dryer is installed near the measurement point, analyser can be installed at a distance from the dryer.  


Twin-split configuration with one dryer mounted on a separate plate


Mamos twin split with one dryer on separate plate

Twin split configuration - this version is based on compact configuration, but one MD3 dryer with its own power supply is added on a separate mounting plate.
Allows measurements from two different locations (each dryer is installed near the measurement place). maMoS measures in turns - one cycle per location.

Twin split configuration - both dryers on separate plates

Mamos Twin Split Configuration

Twin split configuration - analyser and two gas dryers, each on its own mounting plate, each equipped with a power supply module.
Allows measurement from two different locations (each dryer is installed near the measurement place). maMoS measures in turns - one cycle per location.

Complete and ready to operate maMoS unit

Drawing shows analyser in a compact configuration with a MD3 condensation dryer

Mamos Complete

Mamos enclosures available :

  • IP 55 without climate control, with fan forced ventilation

  • IP 65 without climate control

  • IP 65 with climate control

Mamos enclosure Mamos 5


Gas and electric connectors (analysers bottom view)

Connection panel for the standard configuration with single gas channel

Connection Panel Mamos

Other connections that can be found in the analyser

Mamos Other Connections

Example PC programme screenshots

Mamos Screen Shotspdficon largeBrochure