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SF6 Leak Detectors 

Portable and Semi Portable SF6 Gas Detectors 


SF6 Leak Mate

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Features : 

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Leakrates down to 1 x 10E-6 cc/s
  • Selectable sensitivity
  • Automatic zero
  • Battery test display
  • Audio alarm

Kit includes :

  • Rugged instrument fitted with flexible gooseneck probe and sensor
  • 2 x Spare sensors
  • 2 x C size batteries
  • Carry case


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GasCheck G - Gas Leak Detector for SF6

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Designed specifically for the detection of gas leaks, the GasCheck range of gas leak detectors respond rapidly to any gas, or gas mixture. The advanced micro-thermal conductivity sensor of the GasCheck G accurately detects the smallest of gasleaks down to cc/sec, mg/m³ or ppm levels.  GasCheck gas leak detectors are conveniently calibrated against helium and are particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, hydrogen, SF6 and refrigerants.

Choose from Gascheck G2 (single gas with single unit of measure) or Gascheck G3 (multigas with selectable unit of measure)


Kit Includes:

  • Gascheck G2 or G3 with nozzle
  • Battery holder
  • Long probe
  • Box spanner
  • Carry Case
  • Calibration certificate and unit is calibratable
  • Quick start guide


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SF6 Gas Leak Detector Leak Check P1 : P

 GIS Leak P1 PLeak P1 P

Highly sensitive, detection guaranteed every time. 

SF6 LeakCheck P1:p is designed for the location, leak testing and measurement of SF6 leaks in high voltage electrical switchgear. The revolutionary SF6 leak detector rapidly detects leaks down to 1 x 10-8 ml/sec, with a response and clear down of less than 1 second. The instrument’s award winning Negative Ion Capture (NIC) technology with non-radioactive source eliminates problems of registration, storage and transportation.The LeakCheck P1:p  SF6 leak detector is unaffected by large leaks. The detector will continue to remain uncontaminated even after exposure to 100% SF6 gas.


High voltage switchgear leak testing

  • Switchgear commonly engages SF6 as a highly insulating medium to prevent sparking between high voltage components. Impact Instruments successfully detected SF6 leaks on 11 and 66 KV swithgear as well as ring main units which were leaking. SF6 is costly to replace, causes ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere, and its loss may result in catastrophic failure of equipment.

GIS Leaks

  • Gas insulated switchgear is filled with SF6, Impact Instruments performed many hugely succesful tests using the Leak Check P1 : P, at Eskom and municipal sites. The Leak Check P 1 : P was even found to be "too" sensitive at times. Detection of volatiles in industrial environments is an essential part of maintenance of health and safety of personnel, and can be carried out by continuous monitoring of personnel or at appropriate fixed loactions


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