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Portable Coating Thickness Gauge

QC2 Dry Film Thickness Gauge with integral probe

QC25 year warranty

                      QC 2 3   QC2 1   QC 2 4

QC2 coating thickness gauges use an integrated ferrous probe for quick and accurate dry coating thickness measurements of paint, varnish and laquer, as well as platings such as nickel, zinc and chrome applied over magnetic substrates. With the QC2 DLF you can save and transfer data can only be transferred to a PC with a Data Logger.

The gauge features a large LCD display with a bright LED backlight, 3 calibration modes, average reading, a Data Logger for 1000 readings that can be sent to a PC using DMQ DataCenter software and more.


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Portable Coating Thickness Gauge

QC5 Dry Film Thickness Gauge with separate probe

QC55 year warrantyQC extended rangeQC mini

The QC5 Series dry coating thickness gauges are available in Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Combined (F/ NF) models. Measure dry coatings and platings with instruments that feature 9 calibration modes, calibration memories, graphics, statisitcs a memory to store up to 32000 readings and much more. Optional DMQ extended range and miniature probes are also available.


Three models to choose from :


Model QC5 F or QC5 DLF

Both Ferrous models are used to measure dry non-conductive coatings applied over magnetic substrates and with the QC5 DLF send data stored in the unit memory to a PC.


Model QC5 N or QC5 DLN 

Both Non-Ferrous models you can measure dry non-conductive coatings applied on Non-Ferrous bases. With the QC5 DLN transfer data stored in the unit memory to a PC.


Model QC5 C  or QC5 DLC

Select Ferrous, Non-Ferrous or automatic base recognition, to measure coatings and platings applied over Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrates using the same probe. With the QC5 DLC transfer data stored in the unit memory to a PC.


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