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10KV Insulation Tester

Check Current Leakage and Insulation Breakdown 

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  • Insulation resistance range 10TΩ@10 kv
  • Short circuit current can be adjusted, maximum 5 mA (Up to 10mA short circuit current model can be ordered.
  • Automatic display polarization index (PI), Induced electric absorption ratio test values (DAR), and can test the leakage current and capacitance.
  • The anti-interference performance is superior. When the interference current reaches 2mA, the instrument still ensures the test accuracy. 
  • Rapid discharge of capacitive test products, no need for manual discharge when testing cables, automatic rapid discharge of instruments.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and can be charged whilst in use. In case of a power failure unit automatically switches back to battery power.
  • Insulation resistance simulation column.
  • Digital filtering functions.


  • Safety Standard :IEC 61010-1    CAT.IV  600V IEC 61326  EMC specification: test, control and electrical equipment for testing IEC60529 IP64 (Outer closed state)
  • Battery:16.8V Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life:10000V @ 100M, 4 hour
  • Test voltage accuracy: the nominal value  100% to 110%
  • Voltage measurement accuracy:5%+3V
  • Current test range:10mA 
  • Current measure precision:5%+0.2nA 
  • Short-circuit current: 5mA
  •  Capacitance test range:20uF
  • Capacitance testing accuracy:15%+0.03uF
  • Capacitor discharge rate:from 10000V to 10V,0.5S/µF