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NOVO Combustion Analyser

All-In-One Combustion Analyser 

The new Novo combustion analyzer is designed to make combustion analysis quick and intuitive.

NOVO BIO Gas Analyser

NOVO with probe

Available Configurations :


  • Novo 1 : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8,000ppm), Touchscreen, No Printer 
  • Novo 1-P : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8,000ppm), Touchscreen, Built-in Printer
  • Novo 3 : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO/NOx (0-5,000 ppm), Touchscreen, No Printer
  • Novo 3-P : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO/NOx (0-5,000 ppm), Touchscreen, Built-in Printer
  • Novo 4N : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO (0-5,000 ppm), NO2 (0-1,000 ppm),Total Nox, Touchscreen, No Printer
  • Novo 4N-P : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO (0-5,000 ppm), NO2 (0-1,000 ppm),Total NOx, Touchscreen, Built-in Printer
  • Novo 4S : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO/NOx (0-5,000 ppm),SO2 (0-5,000 ppm), Touchscreen, No Printer
  • Novo 4S-P : O2 (0-25%), CO (0-8000ppm), NO/NOx (0-5,000 ppm),SO2 (0-5,000 ppm), Touchscreen, Built-in Printer


NEW Pro Analysis Mode 

Novo Pro Mode

Take the guess work out of Stoichiometric Combustion - Keep your measurements within the "green zone" for optimal combustion 

YouTubeView Video Here

How does it work?

- Select Fuel Type and Equipment Type (80% Boiler, 90% furnace, water heater, etc)

- Watch and Stabilize your Combustion readings in the GREEN Zone for optimal combustion

- View Stoichiometric Chart / Graph

- Print or Email the results


Technical features

  • 4 Year O2 Sensor Life Span
  • NEW - Pro Analysis Mode - Built-in stoichiometric graph indicates optiomal combustion live once achieved
  • Display : 7" Touch screen
  • Dedictated probe with one simple connection
  • Fuels  : 15 preprogrammed (including natural gas, oil, Propane, Biofuels, wood, pellets and coal)
  • New dual range sensor technology
  • CO Protection Diluition Pump
  • Batteries Rechargeable Lithium Ion
  • Water Trap : Integrated with Led backlight and easy to clean
  • Automatic Autozero with smoke probe in chimney
  • Autozero Pressure Sensor
  • 4Pa Ventilation Measurement
  • Simultaneous Measurement gas pressure and combustion parameters
  • Draught Measurement
  • Tightness Test

Display and Probe

The 7’’ display grants maximum visibility of all information along with quick and smooth browsing experience.

One source of major improvement of our analyzer is the new flue gas sampling probe connection. Instead of three separate connections for temperature, draft and flue gases, it has been redesigned to just one simple connection. The new connection allows the user to connect the probe without looking with an easy plug-n-play design.

 NOVO Display and Probe

Water Trap

The water trap design has been completely innovated to guarantee maximum performance and easy maintenance. A large inspection window with backlit LED allows the user to quickly and very easily check the water level and filter at any time.

 NOVO water trap

Combustion parameters and gas pressures

Thanks to the possibility of measuring combustion parameters and gas pressures at the same time, Novo drastically reduces service time and limits the need to use different devices.

 NOVO Dual range sensor

New Dual Range Sensor Technology

How many times have you had the doubt, should I use a high or low range sensor? Stop asking yourself, starting from today you will have just one sensor for both ranges. NOVO detects gas concentrations and automatically adjusts the scale, ensuring the sensor life and the measurement resolution.

NOVO Sensor

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