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  • Records the 200 highest shock events with curve-plotsMoniLog MicroShockDetector
  • Stores up to10 curve-plots of the highest shocks
  • Smart signal filtering and evaluation
  • LED alarm indication of limit-value overshooting
  • Continuous temperature recording
  • User-friendly, easy to operate, long operating time independent of mains
  • USB communication
  • License-free PC software for configuration and assessment
  • Customized configuration for recording time span over Start-Stop period
  • Easy to install – by adhesive pad, screws or magnetic feet

Compact design and high sensitivity for applications such as superconducting magnets in medical equipment that require secure, verifiable protection, in the case of transport and storage damage. The limit value monitoring function of the MONI LOG® MicroShockDetector replaces the more costly, high-end data loggers without compromising measurement data.

Smaller than a smartphone, this micro-measuring device weighs only 180 grams. It reliably stores all shock data from the 3 axes, sets the data collected into acceleration classes, supplies curve-plots and activates an alarm as soon as limit-values are exceeded, while continuously monitoring temperature. The switch-on time of the MONI LOG® MicroShockDetector is simple to configure. Using the USB port, all data can be read, configured and evaluated on a PC. Mounting and removal is quick, by means of an adhesive pad, screws, or a set of magnetic adhering feet supplied. 

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