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Impact Instruments was established in 2004 as an importer, agent and or distributor for several leading, international brands. Our territory covers South Africa and surrounding SADC countries, where agreements permit. With more than thirty years combined industry experience, we provide technical solutions and believe in not only selling equipment but ensuring that users are product and application trained. We guarantee high quality products and an outstanding level of service at all times. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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MoniLog Endal Smart - Impact and Shock Recorder

Transporting Heavy Equipment Over 1 Ton?

Need to establish who is responsible for the damage?

     Power transformer 2  Power generator steam turbine

Endal Smart Shock Event on Google MapsVALUE FOR MONEY

  • Extremely rugged and compact
  • Long battery life
  • Records the 500 highest shock events on all three axes, with the 500 highest curve graphs
  • Records air temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, inclination, FFT, power density spectrum, vibration response spectrum, velocity change
  • Download data into supplied software and Google Earth, post journey, for alarm event, shock event, vehicle speed and GPS co-ordinates
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