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Cable Fault Locator 3 Channel

Cable Fault Locator TDR-109

TDR-109 is a high-precision 3-channel digital reflectometer designed to determine the distances to all types of faults in the power cable lines: open, short, sleeve, cable splice, parallel branches, wet cable, high-resistance faults, intermittent breakdown and etc.

TDR-109 uses the following measurement methods:

  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
  • Arc-Reflection
  • Oscillatory Discharge (ICM, Decay)

 TDR 109

Applications : 

Pulse TDR TDR-109 is used for control when installing or operating the following types of cable lines:

  • Power cables
  • Aerial cable lines
  • System cables communications
  • Signal and control cables
  • Computer networks
  • Television and radio cable lines

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